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Why People Buy Baby Garments Online in Pakistan

Buy Baby garments Online

To purchase newborn baby garments can be one of the most adorable experiences and also can be a tedious or tiresome job to do in the world. Since everything, one has to buy from scratch like buying a tiny little pair of shoes to buy rompers and tinny kids dress that will make them look even adorable and cute humans. The baby shopping garment does not end here, since parents have to travel miles and tens of thousands of shops to buy everything including baby dressfrock, baby towels, bibs, and caps, etc.

Buy Amazing Kids Dresses

With, you do not have to roam around to a number of shops to buy all your essentials for kids. Now, with Leyjao, you can shop online anywhere and anytime in Pakistan and you would get your order delivered to your doorstep in no time. You will get a wide variety of kids’ dresses including baby girl dresses from top-notch brands to fulfill all your needs and requirements.

At, you will find a complete collection of kids’ dresses. Therefore, they make sure to stock up all varieties of baby clothing to provide you one of the most amazing experiences in online baby clothes shopping in Pakistan.

Kids Frock design at Amazing Rates

Furthermore, they also have a separate special category for those parents who are looking for a garment i.e. baby frocks of newborn baby girl for their infant girl. Here at, you will find a variety of kids frock design dresses in different colors and attractive designs for your little princess. Every dress will look amazing and make your baby girl more adorable. Also, you can add little cute accessories like clips, bibs, bangles, etc. to adorn your baby girls.

You do not have to worry if you have a baby boy, you can also find cute tinny clothes for boys as well. You can now explore Leyjao collection and you will find super cute caps, shirts, jackets, and other colorful trousers and etc.

Buy Branded Outfitters kids at the Most Reasonable prices provides you an amazing variety of branded outfitters for your kids at the most reasonable price. All you have to do is to pick a dress or apparel for your baby, you just have to make a simple click and head to the checkout. Your product will reach your doorstep as soon as possible. Moreover, you will get awesome branded girls’ frocks and other branded trousers and shirts for baby boys. You will find a variety of colors and designs for both genders ranging from the age of six months to 12 months old. Hence, you do not have to take tension because you find every kind of kids outfitter at the most affordable price.

Whether you have a special event coming up and you are looking for party wears for kids just check Leyjao’s branded baby clothing online in Pakistan since they are a reliable online platform. So do not wait for further shop now!

Buy Winter Baby Dresses

If you are planning to buy a kids’ winter collection Leyjao has a variety of new clothes to keep your kids warm and cozy and they are super budget-friendly and affordable. As this happens with every other item you purchase from, but they make sure that you get the product of standard quality. As they do not compromise on the quality of the product.

Shipping and delivery

At, you will find the number of payment methods including cash on delivery all across Pakistan. And their delivery time is 3 to 4 working days, depending on the location of your city. And you can also avail a number of discounts which run through their webpage and hence you can save a number of bucks. Everything, they sell they in stock therefore they are able to reach your doorstep at the earliest.

Payment method provides a variety of payment methods i.e. cash on delivery, bank transfer, and credit card, etc. You can pay according to your feasibility whether you like to go with cash on delivery or a credit card. You can avail yourself of any option according to your choice while ordering your product and for more details, you can get in touch with their team.


You can contact them anyway which is feasible and convenient for you via phone call where you can directly reach out to their team or you can text via social media since they have super active social media which will reach out to you as soon as possible. 

Faqs deliver all across Pakistan?

Yes, they deliver all across Pakistan

In how many days one would get their product?

Once your order is confirmed then it will only take 2 to 3 working days.

Does has any physical store located in Pakistan?

No, is an online platform. So, it does not have any physical stores.

Is there any particular time to order something at

No, there is not any particular, they are available 24/7, you can order any time of the day.

Is an expensive online store?

No, they are very much affordable, anyone can buy anything at the most affordable prices.

How can one reach out at

One can reach out to at their webpage i.e.

Is there any refundable policy?

No there is not any kind of refundable policy but you can exchange your belongings within 7 days.

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