Volta 12v 7.2Ah battery for ups , bikes rechargeable Made In Pakistan

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  • Lead-acid is more common.
  • Rechargeble Battery 12V 7.2 AH
  • Both of them have a very versatile use.
  • We provide the lowest shipping cost and ship 
  • They are available both in lead-acid and lithium types. 
  • the product on the same day so you get it as soon as possible
  • Original Manufactured Product By Pakistan Accumulators Pvt Ltd.
  • Commonly used in UPS or an Uninterruptible 
  • power system that is usually used with a computer. 
  • These batteries can also be used as portable 
  • power sources to run amplifiers in outdoor situations.
  • These are also used in small vehicles and 
  • sometimes power self-start-type generators.

Use Of Rechargeable Battery

Rechargeable batteries are used in different automobiles such as bikes and cars. They are used for different operations in automobiles like meters, lights, horns, and much more. Besides that, these batteries can also be used with a UPS. 

Types Of Batteries:

Two types of batteries are common in Pakistan. These are Lead-Acid and Lithium. These batteries are affordable and have higher efficiency. They require less electricity and are 12 volts. 

Manufactured By:

This 12-volt and 7.2 Ah rechargeable battery is made in Pakistan. It has the best output all over the world. Most people use these batteries for their bikes and UPS. Their lower consumption of electricity does not affect utility bills.

High Quality
5 - 7 Days
7 Days Replacement Warranty

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